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I have other websites with a lot more information and images.
Just for my fine art and traditional paintings
For my blog, it contains news, process shots, articles and more.
This is a community and website to bring artists in Montreal together, I am one of the admins, organizers and writers.

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Whether you wish to hire me for illustration work, because you want a quote or any other question, I can easily be reached at the following address:

my address

Or by phone during east coast business hours at:


About Me

I have been a professional artist since 2000, getting my start in a small video game studio in Sainte-Adèle, Québec, now defunct (the studio, not Sainte-Adèle.) In the past 12 years, I have been working in small studios, big studios, been a freelancer, had my own tiny company, worked on mobile, PC, console games, Flash and I have done just about anything it's possible to do in 2D. I also did some 3D (mostly modeling and textures) and web design. I'm versatile and I try to keep on top of my game by attending workshops and taking classes even after all these years.

At the moment, I'm mostly busy with illustration. I have also organized some artist groups and spoken at a few events. I'm really enthusiastic about getting involved in education and speaking engagements in the future.

Some past employers and clients include Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Magazine Solaris, Magazine Brin d'Éternité, BRW Games, ICE Multimedia, Comedy Central, Architect Games, Fugitive Interactive, Heroverse LLC, GraduateGames, Zeitgeist Games...